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Did You Know Your Body Has Memory?

HealingApril Bleck

It’s true! The body is capable of storing memory from injuries throughout the years. Once you’ve had an injury the body becomes prone to more injuries in that same area. This is called Body Memory (BM), and it has everything to do with the cellular memory as opposed to the memories we store in our brain.

Picture this...

When I Wear...April Bleck

I was telling my daughter this morning that I've been wearing a Picture Jasper necklace for 3 days now, and I still haven't felt it's energy. I'm sensitive to the energy of gemstones and usually feel their vibration rather quickly.  So here I am, sitting outside this evening listening to the birds chirp... and suddenly I realize that I've been sitting here for awhile, contiplating some of my hardest life lessons. Thinking about situations in the past and how I could have avoided them, but more importantly... the lessons I have learned from them. Then it became clear to me, that this is it!! This is Picture Jasper's slow, steady, and nurturing energy. The stone that heightens a better understanding to your past, and allows you to see the "bigger picture." - Im super excited!! The bonding has begun 😎


Parental gemstone prescription - Tigers Eye

April Bleck

My daughter recently started high school and I noticed she was feeling a little, 'aloof.' After all, she is highly influenced by Neptune in her birth chart, and Neptune is currently in its retrograde phase. I offered her my Tiger Eye necklace and explained the benefits of being grounded and focused, especially during the first couple of weeks of school. She agreed to wear the necklace. The results were fairly quick!! About 20 minutes later I noticed she was finding balance and stability. Our conversation became clear and focused. She pointed out that it was easier to concentrate at school that day. 😊👍🏼