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Self-Acceptance Sounds So Easy... But It's Not Easy At All!

LifeApril Bleck

Self-acceptance sounds so easy... but it really isn't easy at all. Majority of people "think" they have it all together, but that is just a facade.

People in general are good at pretending, hiding, projecting, avoiding, and lying. Don't be fooled! These are some sort of survival mechanisms. Everyone has issues. It doesn’t matter what your childhood was like, it wasn’t perfect. So then, how do we find our wounds and heal them? With a humble and forgiving heart, we acknowledge these wounds and accept our faults. Though it takes time, inner-strength, and an open mind... the strength within us all resides. In a world full of distorted mirrors, It is critical to understand and accept yourself... the future depends on it!

We start off in this world as infants who need nurturing, and children who need  to be "raised.” Our parents are responsible for guiding us through the beginning stages of life. It’s that simple. So, as parents we 'look after' our children just as much as we 'get after' them. Meanwhile, we have the duty to disciple and set them straight. Then of course, you have all the good stuff 😊, like unconditional love, shocking surprises, and playing with toys, Lol. BTW, the good stuff in parenting largely out weighs the fore mentioned!

So, my point is this, We were all raised with a fair amount of “no’s,” "don't,” “be like this,” and “be like that.” However, unless the situation was completed with positive reinforcement, then the likely perception was, “don’t be yourself.” 

As young adults we started to rebel. We pushed limits, but we were doing it for a reason. We were exploring our boundaries, our "other side." By the time we are adults, our energy gets dramatically dispersed. Finally you're FREE! Free to do whatever you truly want... but not really. So many choices, yet the average adult would say they have none. Instead of becoming "whole," most of us hide, dismiss, reject, and even hate parts of ourselves. We all have some kind of “darkness” to get over, and "demons" in the closet. This is also the most selfish yet productive time frame within your whole life cycle. How do you find the middle ground? How do you find balance between who you are and who you are suppose to be? Look within... and you'll see that you’re already there. It’s like when Dorothy from 'The Wizard of Oz,' finds the yellow brick road. She was encouraged to look down, and to her surprise she was already rooted. We too, are already on our "path." The choices we make, both good and bad, are necessary for our personal growth. Although it is possible to be misguided by others and fall off course, the ability to find your "true-self" is always there. Taking responsibility for your actions will keep you on track.

Just as the Sun rises every morning, we have an innate ability to start anew. You just have to "wake up" in order to realize that you are not stuck in your current situation. Nightmares can be controlled, plus they provide psychological lessons toward spiritual growth. Change happens by choice.

How does one begin the process of self-acceptance? Start with acknowledging yourself, from every perspective. Awareness opens your eyes to things you've dismissed. Once you become aware of your actions, you'll begin to see the fork in the road. Becoming aware of the choices you have, before you make them, opens a door full of new opportunities. Inner-stability and confidence begin to fill your aura. You can finally forgive yourself, therefore learning to forgive others as well. The weight you've been carrying begins to lighten and the guilt slowly fades. Learning discernment is an important part of this process. being able to see right from wrong and making the appropriate choices. Performing actions that make you feel proud, not guilty. Awareness, forgiveness, and changed action. It sounds easy, but it isn't easy at all. It is however, POSSIBLE FOR US ALL.

Self-acceptance is where love grows. The Universe needs less "selfies" and more self-love. Not the conceited kind that comes from an enlarged ego, but the kind that blooms like a flower. Open up your heart-space, and shout to the sky, "I am ready to give and receive unconditional love!"


Notes: meditating with Amethyst

Gemstones for self-acceptance: Agate, Sodalite, Carnelian, White Aventurine

Gemstones for parenting: Pink Agate, Pink Chalcedony, White Agate

Gemstones for enlightenment: Clear Selenite, Lapis Lazuli, Crystal Quartz

Gemstones for self-awareness: Lepidolite, Snowflake Obsidian, Lavender Amethyst

Gemstones for heart-space: Kunzite, White Calcite, Ruby Zoisite, Chrysoprase

Gemstones for unconditional love: Moss Agate, Rose Quartz, Morganite, Strawberry Quartz

Gemstones for spiritual growth: Amethyst, Turquoise, Snow Quartz, 

Gemstones for discernment: Fluorite, Yellow Jasper, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye