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If you were born between October 23rd and November 21st, you have a
Scorpio sun sign in the Zodiac. Those with Scorpio heavily influenced in their BIRTH CHART will strongly benefit from this information as well. For example, if Scorpio or the planet Pluto (the ruling planet for Scorpio) is at your MC (Midheaven) or ASC (Ascendant), you could exhibit these traits just as strongly, sometimes even stronger, than a Scorpio sun sign would. Another way to use this information is by working on the particular "House" in your BIRTH CHART where the sign Scorpio resides. This would be the area of life in which you pertain these particular traits.

Scorpio gemstones

The Scorpion

October 23 - November 21

"I Desire"

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Element: Water

Quality: Fixed

Scorpio - 10/23-11/21

Scorpio people have an unmeasurable amount of curiosity. They are deep and penetrating with an intense magnetic personality. This zodiac sign is strong-willed, passionate, persistent, and emotional. These fearless, yet subtle, individuals are determined to succeed. Scorpio's get to the very bottom of things.

With their forceful nature, Scorpio people appear overbearing and controlling to others. They are secretive and often manipulative, causing destruction for reconstruction purposes. Scorpio's are complicated people, who often become overly suspicious.


  • Imaginative

  • Passionate

  • Emotional

  • Subtle

  • Persistent

  • Intense

  • Magnetic

  • Strong-willed

  • Philosophical

  • Deeply loyal

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  • Controlling

  • Manipulative

  • Jealousy

  • Forceful

  • Turbulent

  • Complicated

  • Destructive

  • Vengeful

  • Obsessive

  • Suspicious

House #8

Earth's atmosphere is divided into 12 sections called "Houses." These "Houses" represent a separate area and specific function in our lives. Every birth chart consists of these 12 "Houses," However, the order of the layout depends on the exact time of birth. As the planets orbit, they create aspects to these sections (Houses) in the atmosphere. Their energy effects each individual differently, depending on the aspects that were apparent at your time of birth.

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Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth "House" in the Zodiac. This is the "House of Death and Regeneration." This "House" shares certain qualities with Scorpio, even when occupied by a different sign. The eighth "House" relates to the life forces that surround sex, birth, death, and the afterlife. It contains legacies and inheritances, both materially and spiritually. The eighth "House" refers to "other people's stuff." Money that belongs to your partner, shared resources, taxes and debt. This is the "House" of transformation, psychic powers, occult studies, and knowledge. 

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Pluto is the planet of hidden depths and subconscious desires. It rules over disruptive elements, regeneration, sex, life and death. Pluto is the ruling planet for Scorpio.

"Pluto is associated with renewal and rebirth. It represents endings and new beginnings, as well as spiritual growth and rebirth. Negative expression of Pluto is an obsessive desire for power and control and general destructiveness." ["Pluto"][2002-2018] Retrieved from []

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Element: Water

Scorpio is a Water Sign. Water signs are emotional and imaginative. They are sensitive, compassionate, and nurturing.

Quality: Fixed

Scorpio is a fixed sign. Fixed signs are resistant to change. They do the perfecting and finishing, rather than originating. 


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