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If you were born between March 23rd and April 19th, you have an Aries sun sign in the Zodiac. Those with Aries heavily influenced in their BIRTH CHART can strongly benefit from this information as well. For example, if Aries or the planet Mars (the ruling planet for Aries) is at your MC (Midheaven) or ASC (Ascendant), you could exhibit Aries traits just as strongly, sometimes even stronger, than an Aries Sun Sign would. Another way to use this information is by working on the particular house in your BIRTH CHART where Aries resides. This would be the area of life in which you pertain these particular traits.

Aries gemstones

The Ram

March 23 - April 19

"I Am"

Ruling Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal

ARIES - 3/23-4/19

Aries are natural born leaders. They are outgoing, assertive, and powerful. This vivacious zodiac sign is usually first in line to get things done; they are the initiators. Aries people are full of energy and have a fearlessness about them that easily combines with their leadership abilities. They are independent, enthusiastic, and determined.

With strong desires that propel them into action, Aries is impulsive and often overly-competitive. They struggle with an unconscious ego that pushes them to win at any cost. Their arrogance easily causes conflict with others, which may result in selfish and violent behavior. Aries are accident-prone.


  • Competitive

  • Impressive

  • Energetic

  • Outgoing

  • Assertive

  • Powerful

  • Courageous

  • Initiative

  • Strong desire

  • Leader

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  • Aggressive

  • Unconscious Ego

  • Arrogant

  • Causing Conflict

  • Will do anything to win

  • Selfish

  • Violent

  • Impatient

  • Self-oriented

  • Accident-prone

House #1

Earth's atmosphere is divided into 12 sections called "Houses." These "Houses" represent a separate area and specific function in our lives. Every birth chart consists of these 12 "Houses," However, the order of the layout depends on the exact time of birth. As the planets orbit, they create aspects to these sections (Houses) in the atmosphere. Their energy effects each individual differently, depending on the aspects that were apparent at your time of birth.

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Aries is the natural ruler of the First House in the Zodiac. This is the "House of Self." This "House" shares certain qualities with Aries, even when occupied by a different sign. The first "House" is the most personal and powerful "House" in your chart, It symbolizes YOU and how you present yourself to the world. This "House" represents your disposition, temperament, personal beliefs, and even physical characteristics. When you introduce yourself to someone, you are standing in your "First House."

Ruling Planet: Mars

Mars is the planet of action. This "fiery" planet gives raw, physical energy. This is the kind of energy that spurs you into action. It governs sex drive, forcefulness, aggression, and passion. Mars is the ruling planet for Aries. 

"In the chart, the position of Mars by sign shows our basic sexual nature, how we express our anger (our temper), what makes us angry, and our first instinct to act. Our competitive nature is revealed in the nature of Mars’ sign. By house, the position of Mars shows the areas of life where we apply our drive and express our enthusiasm. Planets that Mars contacts are colored with action and self-assertion. These planets can represent the kinds of experiences we seek." ["Mars"] [2002-2018] Retrieved from []

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Element: Fire

Aries is a fire sign. Fire signs are energetic and enthusiastic, they initiate and lead. They are strong, self-assertive, creative, and fun. Aries represents an aggressively burning flame.

Quality: Cardinal

Aries is a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs like to be first in line and appear fearless, they are enterprising and outgoing. Cardinal signs are leaders. 


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