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If you were born between May 21st and June 20th, you have a Gemini sun sign in the Zodiac. Those with Gemini heavily influenced in their BIRTH CHART will strongly benefit from this information as well. For example, if Gemini or the planet Mercury (the ruling planet for Gemini) is at your MC (Midheaven) or ASC (Ascendant), you could exhibit these traits just as strongly, sometimes even stronger, than a Gemini sun sign would. Another way to use this information is by working on the particular "House" in your BIRTH CHART where the sign Gemini resides. This would be the area of life in which you pertain these particular traits.

Gemini gemstones

The Twins

May 21 - June 20

"I Think"

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Quality: Mutable

Gemini - 5/21-6/20

Gemini are intellectually inclined, they love to collect and share information. They are curious, energetic, and versatile. Gemini people love a good conversation and often express themselves in a charming, witty, and imaginative way. They are versatile and can easily blend into many groups or structures.

With their restless demeanor, Gemini gets distracted way to easy. They are impulsive yet easily overwhelmed and have a hard time sticking with one subject. Gemini can be deceiving and judgmental, avoiding conflict at any cost.


  • Curious

  • Intelligent

  • Enthusiastic

  • Energetic

  • Versatile

  • Witty

  • Imaginative

  • Eager to learn

  • Self-expressive

  • Charming

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  • Restless

  • Impatient

  • Shallow

  • Brooding

  • Avoids conflict

  • Impulsive

  • Deceiving

  • Distracted

  • Judgmental

  • Easily overwhelmed

House #3

Earth's atmosphere is divided into 12 sections called "Houses." These "Houses" represent a separate area and specific function in our lives. Every birth chart consists of these 12 "Houses," However, the order of the layout depends on the exact time of birth. As the planets orbit, they create aspects to these sections (Houses) in the atmosphere. Their energy effects each individual differently, depending on the aspects that were apparent at your time of birth.

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Gemini is the natural ruler of the third "House" in the Zodiac. This is the "House of Communications." This "House" shares certain qualities with Gemini, even when occupied by a different sign. The Third "House" relates to your immediate environment in these areas: self-expression, family ties, and day-to-day travel. The Third "House" governs the way you think, speak, and write. This is where logic, memory, and manual skills are generated. This "House" indicates how early education was received, your ability to learn and study, relationships with brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and neighbors, short trips - especially work and school related.

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Mercury is the planet of mental activity. This planet rules communication, intelligence, perception, reason, and memory. Mercury is the ruling planet for Gemini.

"Mercury not only rules communication, it represents coordination. Thought processes, ideas, and sensory information from both conscious and unconscious sources all need to be coordinated and understood. Mercury analyzes, sorts, groups, and makes sense of things. How do we handle nervous energy? How do we express and convey our thoughts? How do we approach others and information in order to learn and exchange ideas?" ["Mercury"][2002-2018] Retrieved from []

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Element: Air

Gemini is an Air Sign. Air signs are intellectual and communicative. They are alert, curious, and receptive.

Quality: Mutable

Gemini is a mutable sign. Mutable signs are flexible, versatile, and adaptable. They can easily adjust to differing circumstances.


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