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If you were born between February 19th and March 20th, you have a
Pisces sun sign in the Zodiac. Those with Pisces heavily influenced in their BIRTH CHART will strongly benefit from this information as well. For example, if Pisces or the planet Neptune (the ruling planet for Pisces) is at your MC (Midheaven) or ASC (Ascendant), you could exhibit these traits just as strongly, sometimes even stronger, than a Pisces sun sign would. Another way to use this information is by working on the particular "House" in your BIRTH CHART where the sign Pisces resides. This would be the area of life in which you pertain these particular traits.

Pisces gemstones

The Fish

February 19 - March 20

"I Believe"

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Element: Water

Quality: Mutable

Pisces - 2/19-3/20

Pisces people are selfless, spiritual, and mystical. This elusive zodiac sign is focused on the inner-journey. They are sympathetic, heart-felt, and comfortable. Pisces are creative and romantic individuals with a deep intuitive understanding.

Pisces can appear impractical and overindulgent. They easily become confused and may fall into self-defeating patterns. Their escapism tendencies often lead to addictive behavior and lack of self-control.


  • Sympathetic

  • Understanding

  • Intuitive

  • Mystical

  • Romantic

  • Creative

  • Spiritual

  • Subtle

  • Heart-felt

  • Elusive

Galileo Images the Moon


  • Hard time saying, 'no'

  • Self-defeating

  • Impractical

  • Overindulgent

  • Escapism

  • addictive behavior

  • Laziness

  • Confusion

  • Lacking self-control

  • Mistaken for being "weak"

House #12

Earth's atmosphere is divided into 12 sections called "Houses." These "Houses" represent a separate area and specific function in our lives. Every birth chart consists of these 12 "Houses," However, the order of the layout depends on the exact time of birth. As the planets orbit, they create aspects to these sections (Houses) in the atmosphere. Their energy effects each individual differently, depending on the aspects that were apparent at your time of birth.

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Pisces is the natural ruler of the twelfth "House" in the Zodiac. This is the "House of Secrets, Sorrows, and Self-Undoing." This "House" shares certain qualities with Pisces, even when occupied by a different sign. The twelfth "House" relates to the limitations felt in your life. It governs disappointments, accidents, trouble, and self-defeat. This "House" rules all things that are unseen, secret enemies, escapism, hospitals, and prisons. The twelfth "House" is often called, "The House of Karma," and "The House of Spiritual Debt." It contains rewards and punishments for the deeds one commits in the world. This "House" is associated with psychic powers and the ability to discover the meaning of life.

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Neptune is the planet of mystery and illusion. This energy resides in our subconscious and pertains to hidden memory, intuition, and clairvoyance. Neptune influences glamour, mystery, imagination, dreams, and visions. Neptune is the natural ruler for Pisces.

"Neptune is associated with intuition and spiritual enlightenment. As well, it is a planet of mercy and compassion. The more negative manifestations of Neptune include deception, trickery, deceit, guilt, and addiction." ["Neptune"][2002-2018] Retrieved from []

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Element: Water

Pisces is a Water Sign. Water signs are emotional and imaginative. They are sensitive, compassionate, understanding, and nurturing.

Quality: Mutable

Pisces is a mutable sign. Mutable signs are flexible, versatile, and adaptable. They can easily adjust to differing circumstances.


gemstones for Pisces