Natural Healing Gems


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Emerald: Stone of Successful Love

Chakras: Heart

Zodiac: Cancer, Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn


Keywords: Compassion, Justice, Harmony, Love, Devotion, Integrity, Truth, Abundance, Self-Worth, Success.

Emerald is a stone of cooperation, it brings success in love, business, partnerships, legal affairs, and litigations. It promotes friendship, unity, unconditional love, and devotion.

Emerald is a "Stone of Successful Love." This devout gemstone activates and nurtures the Heart Chakra. It encourages harmonious relationships and delivers bliss through heightened contentment and mutual loyalty. This is a stone of love, intellect, vision, and intuition. Use Emerald to restore passion, attract love, re-kindle a relationship, and build self-esteem. It calms emotions, activates creativity, and stimulates cooperation.

While Emerald has a calming effect on the emotions, it has an invigorating effect on thought, reflection, and philosophy. It is a marvelous crystal for activating artistic creativity, and for bringing focus and intensity to one’s lifework. [Megemont, 81] Florence Megemont, The Metaphysical Book of Gems and Crystals (Rochester, VT: Healing Arts Press, 2008). [Melody, 257] Melody, Love Is In The Earth (Wheat Ridge, CO: Earth-Love Publishing House, 1995).

Emerald is a beautiful green gemstone that stimulates wisdom and insight through higher consciousness. It increases focus and intent, enhances memory, and improves mental clarity. This gemstone restores confidence and promotes genuine self-esteem, it's healing energy is beneficial for young girls who have a hard time accepting their weight, or feel like they don't fit in. This generous gem boosts self-worth, confidence, faith, and integrity. 

A strong and open heart also allows universal blessings to flow into one’s life. Emerald stimulates not only the hope of wealth in material possessions and financial standing, but allows one to experience true abundance beyond mere wealth. Abundance is the ability to receive the gifts of Spirit within all of life’s experiences and embrace its manifestations with gratitude. It encourages trust that the Universe will provide for all of one’s needs and that there can be no lack in reality. [Simmons, 148] Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian, The Book of Stones (Berkley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 2007).

Emerald Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Love, Compassion, Integrity, Bliss, Joy, Content, Passion, Self-Esteem, Confidence, Support, Loyalty, Harmony, Faith, Hope, Truth, Heart Space.

Emerald Mental Healing (Keywords)

Creativity, Vision, Intellect, Reflection, Philosophy, Focus, Wisdom, Insight, Awakening, Intuition, Inspiration, Luck, Business Matters, Raises Consciousness. 

Emerald Physical Healing (Keywords)

Rejuvenation, Repairs Organs, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Kidneys, Muscles, Spine, Infections, Illnesses, Eyes, Gas, Gout, Epilepsy, Fever, Headache, Allergies, Sinusitis, Eczema, and Skin Rashes.

Fuchsite: Stone of Health

Chakra: Heart

Zodiac: Aquarius


Keywords: Self-Worth, Resiliency, Health, Well-Being, Joy, Abundance, Guidance, Renewal.

This gemstone arouses the heart  with heavenly vibrations of positivity, joyfulness, and restoration. Improve self-worth, encourage resiliency, and help to overcome codependency, with Fuchsite.

Fuchsite is a "Stone of Health." This rejuvenating gemstone stimulates and renews your natural energy, encouraging you to live from the heart without excuses or apologies. This buoyant gemstone attracts the joy and delightfulness you experienced as a kid.  

Fuchsite naturally heals at various levels of consciousness. It harmonizes energizes, refreshes, and restores. This gemstone brings mental and emotional stability, balance, tranquility, compassion, and self-acceptance. It provides protection from negative energy and guides you on your personal path to self-discovery and natural healing.

Fuchsite Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Peace, Calms Emotions, Tranquility, Relaxation, Compassion, Love, Emotional Balance, Self-Worth, Self-Acceptance, Self-Esteem.

Fuchsite Mental Healing (Keywords)

Mental Stability, Creativity, Protection, Higher Consciousness, Awakening, Enlightenment, Opportunity, Clarity, Positive Choices.

Fuchsite Physical Healing (Keywords)

Tissue Repair, Immune System, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Spinal Alignment, Tight Muscles, Tension, and Strains.

Fluorite: Stone of Discernment

Chakra: Varies by color

Zodiac: Capricorn, Pisces


Keywords: Discernment, Higher Consciousness, Clarity, Truth, Protection, Intuition, Knowledge.

Fluorite will bring harmony into your life and aids in the removal of "mental fog," "mind-chatter," chaos, and confusion.

Fluorite is a "Stone of Discernment." This invigorating crystal dissolves illusion and reveals the truth. It brings protection by helping you to discern when something or someone is trying to manipulate and influence your inner structure. It heightens intuition, enhances mental clarity, and greatly increases confidence. Fluorite calms emotions, reduces chaos and disorder, and stimulates clear communication.

What gemstone should I use for learning? Fluorite.

Fluorite promotes quick thinking and memory retention. it helps you get past the "chatter" in your mind and allows space for new seeds to be planted.

Fluorite is often used to clear energy fields and is known to enhance and strengthen other crystals. 

Blue Fluorite - Calms emotions, stimulates clear communication, enhances creativity.

Green Fluorite - Balances hormones, harmonizes and recharges chakras, dissipates emotional trauma.

Purple Fluorite - Increases mystic vision, intuition, and spiritual balance.

Fluorite Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Calming, Soothing, Peaceful, Confidence, Relieves Suppressed Emotions, Anxiety, Fear, Panic.

Fluorite Mental Healing (Keywords)

Concentration, Logic, Decision-Making, Communication, Intuition, Knowledge, Learning, Memory, Perspective, Goals, Nurtures Intelligence, Organization.

Fluorite Physical Healing (Keywords)

Arthritis, Bones, Bone Marrow, Blood Pressure, Cancer, Cramps, Colitis, Detox, Food Intolerance, Heartburn, Insomnia, Infections, Intestines, Memory, Nerves, Improves Nutrition, Pain, Pineal Gland, Pneumonia, Reproductive Organs, Respiratory Issues, Skeletal System, Stomach, Teeth, Wrinkles.

Hematite: Stone of the Mind

Chakra: Root

Zodiac: Aries, Aquarius


Keywords: Harmony, Balance, Protection, Grounding, Learning, Concentration.

Wear this gemstone to restore peace and harmony to the body. It boosts self esteem, enhances willpower, and removes self-limitations.

Hematite is a "Stone of The Mind." This is an effective grounding and protecting stone that harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit. It stimulates concentration and focus, and enhances memory and original thought. Hematite stimulates higher learning abilities, especially in mathematics and technology.

This stone is useful for overcoming compulsions, addictions, and overindulgence. It brings support and strength to timid women. 

Hematite gemstone is extremely beneficial for blood conditions. It strengthens and restores the blood supply. It aids proper circulation and regenerates tissue.

Hematite Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Peace, Yin-Yang, Emotional Harmony, Self-Esteem, Will-Power, Encouragement, Support.

Hematite Mental Healing (Keywords)

Focus, Knowledge, Learning, Memory Retention, Concentration, Originality, Awareness.

Hematite Physical Healing (Keywords)

Reynaud's Disease, Anemia, Circulation, Red Blood Cells, Leg Cramps, Anxiety, Insomnia, Spinal Alignment, Fractures, Fevers. 

Howlite: Stone of Awareness  Chakra:  Crown , All  Zodiac:  Gemini,   Virgo

Howlite: Stone of Awareness

Chakra: Crown, All

Zodiac: Gemini, Virgo


Keywords: Insight, Awareness, Self-Improvement, Peace, Enlightenment, Patience.

Howlite calms critical thoughts and opens the mind to receive wisdom and spiritual insight. This is the perfect gemstone for dream recall, improving memory, and figuring out your ambitions.

Howlite is also known as White Turquoise, this is a "Stone of Awareness." This Uplifting yet calming gemstone brings peace and tranquility to an overactive mind. It promotes peace, patience, and tranquility. It encourages rest and relaxation. It calms fits of anger, and decreases rudeness and offensive behavior (including selfishness and resentment). Howlite improves personal insight and strengthens positive personality traits. 

Howlite is an "attunement stone"  that links one to a higher state of consciousness. This gemstone absorbs negative energy, unblocking stagnant energy which may be causing unpleasant ailments. Stress, anxiety, rage, greed, selfishness, are some of the issues that Howlite addresses. This enlightening gem brings an awareness to these problems and gently inspires one to make self-improvements.   

Howlite is an excellent choice or anyone who suffers from insomnia, anxiety, physical pain, leg cramps, and stress related issues. It relieves muscle tension and helps the body absorb calcium, making it beneficial for bones and teeth.

Blue Howlite activates the Throat Chakra and encourages emotional courage and communication.

Howlite Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Peaceful, Positive, Calming, Soothing, Tranquility, Patience, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Rage, Tantrums, Fits, Resentment, Selfishness. 

Howlite Mental Healing (Keywords)

Awareness, Awakening, Memory, Learning, Consciousness, Insight, Understanding, Acceptance.

Howlite Physical Healing (Keywords)

Osteoporosis, Insomnia, Bones, Teeth, Cramps, Pain, Anxiety, Calcium Absorption, Ulcers, Skin Rashes, and Heart Problems.

Jade: Stone of Prosperity

Chakra: Heart

Zodiac: Taurus, Libra, Gemini, Aries


Keywords: Good Luck, Abundance, Prosperity, Love, Relationships, Peace, Wisdom, Dreams, Opportunities.

Jade releases negative thoughts and soothes the mind. This nurturing stone stimulates ideas, restores dignity, releases emotional build-up, and alleviates irritability. Jade stabilizes your personality and fills your spirit with love and light.

Jade is a "Stone of Prosperity." This lucky gemstone brings luck, good fortune, prosperous opportunities, and meaningful relationships. Jade represents purity and serenity, It signifies wisdom through tranquility. This gemstone is known as the ultimate "dream stone." It promotes insightful dreams, encourages memory recall, and brings guidance toward spiritual transformation.

Jade stimulates the Heart Chakra, increasing feelings of peace, love, joy, and nurturing. It unblocks stagnant energy in the Heart Chakra and aids in the understanding of your own emotional needs. The energetic vibration from Jade opens the door for opportunities in love, friendship, abundance, and wealth. Jade is the ultimate "good luck" charm. 

An amulet of good luck and friendship, Jade signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility, dispelling the negative and encouraging one to see oneself as they really are. [Hall, 152] Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible (Cincinnati, OH: Walking Stick Press, 2003).

Jade is a cleansing stone that aids the body's filtration and elimination organs. This lovely gem rejuvenate the skin and smooth out wrinkles. It heals stitches, assists in fertility and childbirth, aids in overcoming anorexia, and provides protection while traveling. 

Jade pendants and necklaces protect against deception and authoritative abuse for financial or sexual gain. Jade signifies peace through strength, and is also helpful in homes or occupations that encounter bullying or intimidation from violent children or teens. [Eason, 266, 268 ]Cassandra Eason, The New Crystal Bible (London: Carlton Books Ltd., 2010).

Jade Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Peace, Love, Joy, Releases Suppressed Emotions, Removes Negative Energy, Guilt, Independence, Unity, Balance, Tranquility, Trust.

Jade Mental Healing (Keywords)

Wisdom, Insight, Memory, Guidance, Stimulating, Originality, New Beginnings, Understanding, Awareness, Higher Consciousness.

Jade Physical Healing (Keywords)

Bladder issues, Cancer, Childbirth, Detox, Diabetes, Digestion, Immune System, Infertility, Kidney Issues, Nerves, Oedema, Skeletal System, Fertility, Fluid Retention. 

Jasper: Stone of Stability

Chakra: Root

Zodiac: All


Keywords: Grounding, Stabilizing, Determination, Unity, Solidity, Wholeness, Nurturing.

Jaspers have a slow and steady energetic vibration, they are the most nurturing healers. These gems bring tranquility and wholeness. They are bold, solid, warm and encouraging. They provide comfort, peace, stability, and balance. Jasper stones come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and patterns, and often look similar to places or animals. They encourage honesty, unity, determination, and imagination. 

Known as the “Supreme Nurturer,” Jasper is a stone of grounding and stability, providing comfort and security, strength and healing. Its presence balances the aura to a level of wholeness and peace, and acts as a reminder that one is not here on the physical plane simply for oneself, but to bring joy and substance to others. [Simmons, 215-219] Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian, The Book of Stones (Berkley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 2007). [Melody, 344-345] Melody, Love Is In The Earth (Wheat Ridge, CO: Earth-Love Publishing House, 1995). [Hall, 111-112] Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible (Cincinnati, OH: Walking Stick Press, 2003).

Jasper Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Peace, Joy, Balance, Compassion, Grounds, Stabilizes, Comforts, Security, Soothes, Brings Harmony, Emotional Encouragement, Strength, Alleviate Stress and Worry.

Jasper Mental Healing (Keywords)

Self-Discipline, Perseverance, Patience, Courage, Honesty, Alleviates Insecurities, Inspiration, Insecurities. 

Jasper Physical Healing (Keywords)

Bladder issues, Cancer, Circulation, Epilepsy, Gallbladder, Indigestion, Legs, Liver, Low Blood-Pressure, Nightmares, Loss of Smell, Stomach Problems, Throat, Weakness.

Jet: Stone of Protection

Chakra: Root

Zodiac: Capricorn


Keywords: Protection, Strength, Grounding, Kundalini, Enlightenment.

Jet gemstones enhance spiritual enlightenment, energy protection, and psychic development. They encourage taking control of your life, boost self confidence, balance mood swings, and alleviate depression.

Keep Jet "Pocket Stones" in your pocket or purse to enhance universal protection. This black, coal-like gemstone is known to guard against violence and illness. This is one of the most powerful gemstones for absorbing negative energy, (therefore it should be cleansed often). It draws out feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, phobias, and alleviates unreasonable fears. This enables you to release those negative energies, therefore preventing you from attracting more. Jet alleviates pain and suffering and gives sympathy and compassion. Jet brings balance and stability.

* This gem is known to stimulate the rise of the Kundalini. 

Jet Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Supports, Soothes, Protects, Self-Esteem, Absorbs, Releases, Sadness, Worry, Fear, Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Dealing with Loss, Victimized, Power Struggles.

Jet Mental Healing (Keywords)

Concentration, Focus, Insight, Understanding, Acceptance.

Jet Physical Healing (Keywords)

Migraines, Epilepsy, Colds, Viruses, Swelling, Swollen Glands and Lymph Nodes, Stomach Pain, Menstrual Cramps.

This is NOT a medical prescription.

This is NOT a medical prescription.