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Welcome to Natural Healing Gems! My name is April (check out my Bio)! I'd like to share some valuable information with you! Did you know that gemstones allow the healing process to begin from the source of dis-ease and negative conditioning? That's why natural healing takes time. These ancient wonders derive from the earth's elements and retain energy from the sun. Their energy bonds with our energy (since we derive from earth's elements as well), giving us a boost of mental, physical, and emotional health, stabilizing our connections (grounding), and providing protection from unwanted energy.

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Just know that if you lose or misplace your gem, it will continue to heal wherever it is. Sooner or later when karma kicks in, a soul that needs healing discovers it again.
— April Bleck

The Idea

As a natural healing alternative, gemstone healing has been used for centuries. Gemstones and crystals support us in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Their energy simply bonds with and enhances our energy. We think everyone should have the option to heal naturally, that is why our prices on gemstones and gemstone jewelry are low and affordable. Wouldn't it be wonderful to choose how you want to feel? Do you need protection from negative energy? Would you like a boost of good Luck? Does your heart need to be restored? Would you like to feet supported? How would you like to heal? 

Style & Quality

We sell gemstone jewelry that is meant for everyday wear. Our style is "simply beautiful." Choose from our wide selection of gemstone necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

All of our products are made with natural, semiprecious gemstones and crystals. How can our gemstone prices be so low? Our main focus is healing, so we use silver and gold plated material. The chains won't last forever, however, the gemstone will. Gemstone pendants are easy to remove and replace when necessary. 

Intentions & Care

Intentions have been set for all gemstones, by a certified Usui Ryoho  Reiki Master. For maximum healing results, cleanse your gemstone by placing it in the sun for a couple of hours, or under a full moon, dousing it with a smudge stick, or running it under warm water. Set your intentions by looking at the gemstone as you think about it's purpose. This is how you set intentions for your gem. It is recommended that you wear or carry your gemstone for at least 10 days in order to feel the energy. Some gems and crystals have a stronger vibration and will not take as long.

Gemstones need to be cleared regularly in order to restore their natural energy. You can always tell when your gems are cleared and ready to use because they become more vibrant in color.

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