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April Bleck Bio


My name is April. I've been in the e-commerce business for over 17 years. E-commerce means that I do all of my work online. Work for me includes buying, selling, marketing, blogging, affiliating, educating, freelance, and so on. Beyond that, I am an entrepreneur, a photographer, an artist, an energy healer, an astrologist, a life-long learner, and most importantly... a mom, (which is my top priority)!

When I began meditating on a regular basis I noticed signs, signals, and messages from the Universe. One of the first messages I received was, "There's money on the ground." I have to admit, I was expecting to find money on the ground. Gratefully, I found something much more valuable... Gemstones! I began wearing gemstone jewelry and started placing crystals around the house. It didn't take long before I became aware of the energetic shift that was occurring. I was hooked! After that, I wanted to learn about and experiment with all types of gemstones and crystals. These astonishing beauties truly amaze and inspire me. In fact they inspire so much, that I have become zealous in sharing information about them with everyone I meet. 

I've always been passionate about helping others. As a child I often walked around looking for anyone who was sad or upset, with the intent to "help them feel better." I wanted to help "save the world." Sounds silly, but not really. It didn't take long for me to realize that every time I shine light on someone who needs it, our surrounding energy is transformed into a radiating glow with a positive flow. Peers, family members, teachers, even strangers, often approach me with conversation that turns into an emotionally healing session. I love listening to people, motivating them, and helping others find solutions to their problems. Confidence is extremely important, and has never been an issue for me. I know that when I help others feel better, I am healing myself as well. 

The process of building this website is teaching me more about myself, my personal strengths and weaknesses, than any other individual ever could. It's like seeing my own reflection for the first time. I struggle, find mistakes, get discouraged... I am not perfect, and never will be. Then, I hear a little birdie that says, "keep going," ...and that's what I do. I Rise and I fall in a continuous cycle, just like the sun. I am filled with gratitude and love. I accept every spiritual reward that is given to me, because even the hardest lessons have turned into a blessing. As an energy healer (Reiki practitioner), I have come to terms with the depth of my own sensitivity. Instead of believing that I'm "to sensitive" and need to "grow some skin," I simply accepted these qualities as a gift. Finally the pieces of the puzzle make sense! When I "let go" of who I thought I was, the Universe effortlessly aligned me with my true purpose... emotional healing.

I hope to inspire others, to motivate them, to awaken them. I aim to mend the broken pieces that are seen and unseen. I have to help others first, before I can  help myself. This is the contract which I signed before taking form. I understand. I accept. I love.

I am.

Sending gifts of love, light and health. Namaste. 

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