Natural Healing Gems

Oh Mercury Retrograde, please be gentle with me!

ExperiencesApril Bleck

When you only have 2 hours to work in the morning before waking the kids up for school, and the computer starts glitching and freezing up....

      β€œWhere’s my Amethyst and Rose Quartz?!!” 

Ugh!!! Then you loose all of your work πŸ˜’. Thanks a lot Mercury Retrograde!!

When the planet Mercury goes retrograde, which happens 3-4 times a year, we are more susceptible to these kind of situations. Loosing important data (like flash drives going corrupt, details being skipped, memory loss, and electronics glitching), can happen in a flash! This is a good reminder to save your work often and always have a "back up."

Gemstones for Mercury Retrograde: Blue Lace Agate (calming), Tree Agate (inner-peace), Hematite (grounding), Fluorite (peace and harmony), Quartz (clarity and focus), Rose Quartz (positive energy), Chrysocolla (emotional healing), Amethyst (stress relief).


Good luck out there!!