Natural Healing Gems

Oh Mercury Retrograde, please be gentle with me!

ExperiencesApril Bleck

When you only have 2 hours to work in the morning before waking the kids up for school, and the computer starts glitching and freezing up....

      “Where’s my Amethyst and Rose Quartz?!!” 

Ugh!!! Then you loose all of your work 😒. Thanks a lot Mercury Retrograde!!

When the planet Mercury goes retrograde, which happens 3-4 times a year, we are more susceptible to these kind of situations. Loosing important data (like flash drives going corrupt, details being skipped, memory loss, and electronics glitching), can happen in a flash! This is a good reminder to save your work often and always have a "back up."

Gemstones for Mercury Retrograde: Blue Lace Agate (calming), Tree Agate (inner-peace), Hematite (grounding), Fluorite (peace and harmony), Quartz (clarity and focus), Rose Quartz (positive energy), Chrysocolla (emotional healing), Amethyst (stress relief).


Good luck out there!!