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Picture this...

When I Wear...April Bleck

I was telling my daughter this morning that I've been wearing a Picture Jasper necklace for 3 days now, and I still haven't felt it's energy. I'm sensitive to the energy of gemstones and usually feel their vibration rather quickly.  So here I am, sitting outside this evening listening to the birds chirp... and suddenly I realize that I've been sitting here for awhile, contiplating some of my hardest life lessons. Thinking about situations in the past and how I could have avoided them, but more importantly... the lessons I have learned from them. Then it became clear to me, that this is it!! This is Picture Jasper's slow, steady, and nurturing energy. The stone that heightens a better understanding to your past, and allows you to see the "bigger picture." - Im super excited!! The bonding has begun 😎