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Types of Agate

Agate gemstone types

Agate Is A “Stone of Stability”

Agate comes in a variety of types, it has a slow and steady vibration that encourages inner- stability, confidence, and harmony. These gemstones stabilize and soothe emotions, they can be useful for taming tempers and assimilating thought. When you begin to feel overwhelmed and unsteady, Agate eases the tension and brings things back into perspective. Agates stimulate creativity, boost self-acceptance, and facilitate clear communication. Artists surely appreciate the inspiration that they receive from Agate gemstones.

Blue Lace Agate * Carnelian Agate * Crackle Agate * Crazy Lace Agate * Gray Agate * Moss Agate

Pink Agate *  Red Agate * Snakeskin Agate *  Tree Agate * White AgateYellow Agate


Blue Lace Agate: Stone of Loyalty

Chakra: Throat

Zodiac: Pisces

Blue Lace Agate

Keywords: Peace, Calm, Trust, Loyalty, Enlightenment, Communication

Blue Lace Agate is a "Stone of Loyalty." This soft flowing gemstone brings comfort to the soul, and peace to the mind. It is one of the most nurturing and supportive gemstones you can have.

Blue Lace Agate has a soft, soothing elegance; like sky-blue waters released from winter's grasp. Its graceful, circular design has a stimulating, positive effect on emotions and attitude. It is not a stone of protection, but rather of encouragement and support. Its circular flowing energy calms, uplifts and elevates. [Mella, 70] Dorothee L. Mella, Stone Power II (Albuquerque, NM: Brotherhood of Life, Inc., 1986).

Blue Lace Agate activates and opens the Throat Chakra, acknowledging and allowing for self-expression of repressed emotions. Feelings of being judged or rejected are gently brought to the surface and released. Blocked emotions become stagnant and cause feelings of suffocation, Blue Lace Agate clears the throat chakra and encourages calm, honest, non-judgmental communicationInviting you to stay loyal to yourself. 

Wear Blue Lace Agate to enhance peace, truth, and communication. It releases shoulder and neck tension, treats brain imbalances, and can be used to enhance hearing.

"Blue Lace Agate can also be used to enhance sound healing--it focuses and directs sound to the appropriate place." [Hall, 39] Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible (Cincinnati, OH: Walking Stick Press, 2003).

Blue Lace Agate Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Communication, Exposes Truth, Harmony, and Balances Yin-Yang Energies.

Blue Lace Agate Mental Healing (Keywords)

Brain Imbalances, Calms Overactive Thinking, Improves Concentration, Perception, and Analytical Abilities.

Blue Lace Agate Physical Healing (Keywords)

Fever, Inflammation, Tension, Thyroid Deficiencies, Throat, Lymph Nodes, Infections, Arthritis, Gastritis, Bone Deformity, Fractures, Pancreas, Blood Pressure, Headaches, Epilepsy, and Uterus.

Tree Agate: Stone of Tranquility

Chakras: Heart, Crown

Zodiac: Virgo, Gemini

Tree Agate

Keywords: Peace, Awareness, Patience, Self-Confidence, Joy, Abundance, Wealth, Harmony

Tree Agate is a "Stone of Tranquility." This gemstone calms erratic nerves, clears negative energy, and dissolves egoism and arrogance. Tree Agate opens and aligns the Chakras, It has a soothing effect that brings emotional balance through inner-peace. With a subtle yet strong vibration, Tree Agate promotes inner-stability, awareness, patience, and self-confidence. They create a peaceful environment that encourages healthy relationships through enhanced feelings of joy and happiness.

Tree Agate is a stone of nature, it naturally attracts the necessary components it needs in order to flourish. This is a stone of abundance and wealth. It brings fullness to all areas of life and can be used to encourage the health of agriculture.

If you need to give your immune system a boosts, Carry or wear a piece of Tree Agate. This gem regulates water balance to insure good health. Tree Agate is also beneficial for the eyes, stomach, uterus, and intestines. 

Looking for a gemstone for travel protection? Tree Agate is an excellent crystal for travel protection, especially by air. 

Tree Agate Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Calmes Emotions, Inner Strength, Stability, Happiness, and Contentment

Tree Agate Mental Healing (Keywords)

Patience, Awareness, Confidence, Clarity, and Spiritual Growth.

Tree Agate Physical Healing (Keywords)

Bones, Veins, Capillary Problems, Eyes, Stomach, Uterus, Intestines, Immune System, Epilepsy, Fever, Skin Disorders, Insect Bites, and the Nervous System. 

Moss Agate: Stone of Strength, Courage, Abundance

Chakras: Root, Heart

Zodiac: Virgo

Moss Agate

Keywords: Strength, Courage, Abundance, Wealth, New Beginnings, Optimism, Creativity, Communication

Moss Agate has a slow, steady, and consistent energetic vibration. This gem should be carried or worn for at least two consecutive weeks.

Moss Agate is a "Stone of Strength, Courage and Abundance." This stabilizing gemstone brings harmony as it gently connects you with nature. It refreshes and strengthens your soul from the core. Moss Agate gemstones encourage you to release negative energy and blockages from the past, allowing space and providing courage toward new beginnings.

Moss Agate restores positive personality traits. This highly optimistic gemstone improves creativity, self expression, and communication. It inspires one to see the beauty that lies within as it restores trust and hope. If there is something that you continuously ponder, Moss Agate can bring insight to reason.

This "Stone of Wealth and Abundance" attracts new friendships, new lovers and new circumstances. As it heightens your level of wellbeing, It attracts positive opportunities for gaining things of value. Moss Agate can be used for accumulating new business or the expansion of an existing business. It is extremely useful for strengthening the body, and is often used for body building, athletics, and fitness training.

Moss Agate helps channel intuition and assists in using it in a practical way. It enhances mental concentration, persistence and endurance.

See also: Brown Moss Agate

Moss Agate Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Stability, Self-esteem, Trust, Hope, Harmony, Empowerment, Attraction, Relationships, and Self-Expression

Moss Agate Mental Healing (Keywords)

Intuition, Concentration, Persistence, Endurance, Insight, Balance, and Creative Expression

Moss Agate Physical Healing (Keywords)

Inflammation, Infections, Swelling, Colds, Flu, Fever, Digestion, Immune System, Recovery, Dehydration, Hypoglycemia, Circulation, Heart Conditions, Irregular Heartbeat, Gastritis, Epilepsy, Anti-inflammatory, Dehydration, Fungal and Skin Infections.

Crazy Lace Agate: Stone of Laughter

Chakras: Third eye, Crown

Zodiac: Gemini

Crazy Lace Agate

Keywords: Laughter, Joy, Fun, Excitement, Harmony, Natural High, Good Vibes

Crazy Lace Agate is a "Stone of Laughter." It has a slow and steady release of energetic vibes which aims to improve circulation, allowing it to stimulate the mind and uplift your mood. This jubilant gemstone encourages joy, laughter, happiness, and an optimistic outlook. It promotes emotional balance while harmonizing physical and intellectual energy.

Wear Crazy Lace Agate to be the "life of the party!" This wild pattern gemstone stimulates the mind and elevates good vibes.  It encourages appreciation for life, youthful encounters, liveliness, and mental agility. This is an excellent gemstone for fun and excitement, yet, it brings balance while harmonizing yin yang energy which encourages a sense of security and confidence.  It aids in overcoming depression and negativity, and increases self-worth and self-esteem. 

This gemstone is highly  beneficial for those who have gone through any kind of trauma. It promotes self-acceptance and guides the soul in overcoming negativity and bitterness. It calms anger, invites love, and gives courage for starting over. 

Crazy Lace Agate is beneficial for pregnancy, marital fidelity, and safe travels.

Crazy Lace Agate Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Self-Acceptance, Love, Courage, Calms Anger, and Brings Emotional Protection.

Crazy Lace Agate Mental Healing (Keywords)

Creativity, Communication, Focus, Concentration, Alleviates Depression.

Crazy Lace Agate Physical Healing (Keywords)

Wounds, Acne, Eczema, ADHD, Digestion / Digestive System, Gastritis, Eyes, Heart, Stomach, Uterus, Intestines, Skin disorders, Metabolism, Elasticity of blood vessels (prevents varicose veins), Fever, Epilepsy.

White Crackle Agate: Stone of Hope

Chakras: All

Zodiac: All

Crackle Agate

Keywords: Grounding, Stabilizing, Harmony, Hope, Encouragement, Courage, Confidence

White Crackle Agate is a "Stone of Hope." This is a grounding stone that brings protection and is known to attract good luck and fortune. It increases positive energy and enhances feelings of love, hope, harmony and courage. This gemstone strengthens emotional stability, insuring self confidence and enthusiasm. White Crackle Agate's harmonizing attributes encourage you to "let go" of negative energy and allows acceptance of your emotions. These gems promote personal security as they aid in overcoming stress and anxiety. This enlightening gemstone strengthens your body and your connection to the earth. White Crackle Agate is an excellent stone for improving relationships, it inspires fidelity. 


Black Crackle Agate is a "Stone of Victory." This enticing gemstone supports, inspires, and motivates you toward accomplishing personal triumph. A grounding gemstone that brings protection from negative energy and encourages you to make good use of mental talent and physical ability. It eliminates fear and doubt while instilling courage and strength of will. Black Crackle Agate strengthens emotional stability and encourages self confidence. It attracts good fortune and aids in your ability to concentrate. 

Black Crackle Agate: Stone of Victory  Chakras: All  Zodiac: All

Black Crackle Agate: Stone of Victory

Chakras: All

Zodiac: All

Crackle Agate Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Harmony, Emotional Courage, Stability, Security, Protection, Fidelity, Eliminates Fear, Self Doubt, Inspiration, and Encouragement. 

Crackle Agate Mental Healing (Keywords)

Concentration, Mental Agility, Motivation, Reaching Goals, Triumph, Will Power, and Self Esteem.

Crackle Agate Physical Healing (Keywords)

Childbirth, Eyesight, Hair Skin and Nails, Hearing, Heart Trouble, Poisoning, Reproductive Organs, Digestion, Stomach, and Blood Vessels.

Carnelian Agate: Stone of Creativity

Chakras: Root, Sacral

Zodiac: Taurus, Leo, Virgo

Carnelian Agate

Keywords: Creative, Courageous, Steadfast, Stimulating, Physical Energy, Confidence, Performances.

What gemstone will help you to trust your instincts? Carnelian Agate.

Carnelian Agate energy is slow, strong, stable, and long lasting. This is a "Stone of Creativity." It recharges physical energy, restores inspiration and motivation, and stimulates creative endeavors. Carnelian Agate attracts good luck as it grounds and stabilizes you in the present moment.

Carnelian Agate instills courage toward new beginnings, it also provides the boost of energy you'll need in order to move forward. These gemstones promote discernment, clarify perception, and improve analytical abilities. They stimulate emotional harmony, gifting stability to a "wondering soul." Carnelian Agate gloriously allows space for decision making, and for making positive choices.

Carnelian clarifies the voice. It is the Singer's Stone. [Megemont, 46] Florence Megemont, The Metaphysical Book of Gems and Crystals (Rochester, VT: Healing Arts Press, 2008). It also promotes confidence for performances on stage or in live media. [Eason, 72] Cassandra Eason, The New Crystal Bible (London: Carlton Books Ltd., 2010).

Used as a professional support crystal, Carnelian aids architects, builders and construction workers in their creation of master buildings, stimulates power and stamina in athletes and military personnel, establishes form and organization in journalists, and stimulates motivation in salespersons. [Mella, 142] Dorothee L. Mella, Stone Power II (Albuquerque, NM: Brotherhood of Life, Inc., 1986).

Wear Carnelian to aid in overcoming abuse, to dispel apathy, encourage steadfastness, calm anger and frustration, and to enhance creative expression. 

Carnelian Agate Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Inspires, Grounds, Stabilizes, Builds Confidence, Promotes Will Power, Emotional Recovery, Calms Anger, Soothes Frustration, Supportive, and Uplifting.

Carnelian Agate Mental Healing (Keywords)

Discernment, Creativity, Analytics, Perception, Harmony, Steadfastness, Encouragement, Communication, Creative Expression, and Motivation.

Carnelian Agate Physical Healing (Keywords)

Acne, Aids (HIV), Allergies (pollen), Arthritis, Back Pain, Physical Balance, Blood Poisoning, Colds, Detox, Digestion, Female Reproductive System, Fever, Gallbladder, Heartburn, Impotence, Infection, Infertility, Immune System, Inflammation, Liver, Lower Back Pain, Menstrual Cramps, Oedema (dropsy), Ovaries, Reproductive Organs, Respiratory System, Rheumatism, Scoliosis, Skin irritations, Sores, Spasms, Testes, Tissue Repair, Urinary Track (prevention), Weakness, and Wounds.

Snakeskin Agate: Stone of Confidence and Self-Esteem

Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus, Crown

Zodiac: Gemini

Snakeskin Agate

Keywords: Peace, Harmony, Hope, Love, Truth, Decision-Making, Self-Acceptance.

The harmonizing effect of Snakeskin Agate calms mind "chatter" and stimulates feelings of joy.

Snakeskin Agate soothes the environment and brings peace, hope, and harmony. It encourages a sense of reality with pragmatic thinking. This gemstone is beneficial for self-analysis and decision making. It promotes self-acceptance, confidence, and self-esteem. 

Snakeskin Agate is useful for any kind of trauma. It aids in overcoming negativity and bitterness of the heart. It gently brings you into harmony by healing anger, fostering love, and lending the courage to start over. It promotes inner strength and encourages you to speak your truth.

This gemstone helps new mothers avoid the "baby blues" and encourages lactation. It promotes marital fidelity by enhancing feelings of contentment within a relationship. Agate enhances physical strength for those who stay active or play sports, it also brings emotional endurance for education and recreation. 

Agate is useful when traveling and is especially effective against traffic accidents. 

This gemstone aids in the rising of the Kundalini.

Snakeskin Agate Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Calming, Soothing, Encouraging, Peaceful, Hope, Harmony, Self-Esteem, Confidence, Self Acceptance, Love, Courage, Inner-Strength, and Emotional Expression.

Snakeskin Agate Mental Healing (Keywords)

Problem Solving, Contentment, Expression, Promotes Action, Decision-Making, Perception, and Analytics.

Snakeskin Agate Physical Healing (Keywords)

Physical Strength, Childbirth, Lactation, Eyesight, Hair, Hearing Problems, Heart Trouble, Poisoning, Reproductive Organs, Digestion, Stomach, and Strengthening Blood Vessels.

Gray Agate: Stone of Stability  Chakras: All  Zodiac: Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Sagittarius

Gray Agate: Stone of Stability

Chakras: All

Zodiac: Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Sagittarius

Gray Agate

Keywords: Strong, Stabile, Harmonious, Grounds, Protects, Comforts.

Gray Agate stimulates harmony by bringing balance to yin yang energy. It stabilizes emotions, improves concentration, clarifies perception, and boosts analytical abilities.

Grey Agate is a "Stone of Stability." This is a slow, strong, yet gentle grounding stone that brings balance and harmony to your emotional, physical, and intellectual being. It centers and stabilizes your energy. 

Agate gemstones improve concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. This gemstone encourages practical solutions, stimulates memory, and creates a sense of safety. It enhances your perception of beauty, and creates a bridge between you and nature. Grey Agate is a calming and soothing stone that brings comfort, especially to those that have suffered from any sort of trauma.

Gray Agate Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Calming, Soothing, Harmony, Emotional Balance, Strength, Centering, Stabilizing, Comforting

Gray Agate Mental Healing (Keywords)

Concentration, Clarity, Perception, Analytics, Learning, Solutions, Memory, Mental Balance

Gray Agate Physical Healing (Keywords)

Eyesight, Hair, Hearing, Heart Issues, Poison, Reproductive Organs, Digestion, Stomach Issues, and Blood Vessels.

Red Agate: Stone of Protection

Chakra: Root

Zodiac: Aries

Red Agate

Keywords: Protection, Grounding, Stability, Focus, and Physical Energy.

Red Agate is a "Stone of Protection." This is a calming stone that helps you stay grounded during difficult situations. It shields the wearer from negative energy, encourages acts of kindness and attracts health and prosperity. Red Agate will assist you in manifesting your life purpose while keeping you protected and emotionally stable. This gemstone enhances feelings of stability and security, encourages focus, and boosts physical energy.

Red Agate is especially helpful for the nervous system. This gemstone promotes circulation and acts as a cleanser and detox for the body. It is often used for tooth and gum issues, stomach problems, physical endurance, insomnia and detoxification.

Red Agate Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Calming, Centering, Kindness, Stability, Security, Harmony, Encouraging, and Emotional Balance.

Red Agate Mental Healing (Keywords)

Focus, Concentration, Manifesting, Mental Stability, Grounding.

Red Agate Physical Healing (Keywords)

Nervous System, Blood Circulation, Stomach Issues, Physical  Energy, Stamina, Insomnia, and Detoxification.

Pink Agate: Stone of Heart Space

Chakras: Heart

Zodiac: All

Pink Agate

Keywords: Love, Acceptance, Heart Space, Healing, Bonding, Peace

Pink Agate is a "Stone of Heart Space.'" This lovely pink gemstone heals the heart by gently disrupting stagnant energy. It radiates unconditional love and self-acceptance as it clears old wounds, feelings of despair, and hampering heartache. Pink Agate warms up the heart, steadily replacing negative energy with rays of light and joy.

Pink Agate calms, comforts and opens space in your heart for new beginnings. This is an extremely useful gemstone for promoting unconditional love between parent and child. 

Pink Agate Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Unconditional Love, Soothing, Comforting, Connections, Emotional Comfort, Peace, and Release.

Pink Agate Mental Healing (Keywords)

Clarity, Acceptance, Awareness, Contemplation, Spiritual Growth, and Understanding.

Pink Agate Physical Healing (Keywords)

Heart Muscles, Digestion, Gastritis, Stomach, Uterus, Intestines, Fever, Skin Disorders, and Headaches.

Yellow Agate: Stone of Success

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Zodiac: Gemini, Virgo

Yellow Agate

Keywords: Success, Contentment, Self-Esteem, Willpower, and Altruism.

This gemstone has a slow and gentle vibration, with long lasting impacts. 

Yellow Agate is a "Stone of Success." This brilliant gemstone attracts peace, prosperity, feelings of joy, and fulfillment. It gradually increases willpower, motivation, self-esteem, and altruism. Yellow Agate encourages you to reach for your goals with a positive and optimistic outlook. 

Yellow Agate encourages good manners, kindness and generosity. It enhances positive personality traits and enables the ability to learn from past mistakes. This is an uplifting gemstone that prepares you openly receive the level of success that you deserve.

Yellow Agate helps children overcome fears. It soothes, comforts, and supports them with a positive outlook. This gemstone is excellent for bonding and developing healthy relationships. 

Yellow Agate Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Calms Fears, Brings Peace and Hope, Soothing, Encouraging, Joy, Happiness, and Optimism.

Yellow Agate Mental Healing (Keywords)

Memory, Logic, Concentration, Willpower, Problem Solving, Clarity, and Creativity.

Yellow Agate Physical Healing (Keywords)

Stomach issues, Indigestion, Digestion, Infections, Liver, Pancreas, Psoriasis, Radiation, Urinary Tract, Metabolism, and Eczema.