Natural Healing Gems


Did You Know Your Body Has Memory?

HealingApril Bleck

It’s true! The body is capable of storing memory from injuries throughout the years. Once you’ve had an injury the body becomes prone to more injuries in that same area. This is called Body Memory (BM), and it has everything to do with the cellular memory as opposed to the memories we store in our brain.

Tale of the Tigers Eye Trap

HealingApril Bleck

I began wearing my Tigers Eye heart necklace about three weeks ago. I wanted to put more focus on work as well as build confidence in what I was doing. During The first week of wearing my Tigers Eye I noticed a couple of times when I was going to remove the necklace, I suddenly thought to myself, "I should just keep it on." And so I did. I slept with it on and showered with it on. The one time that I did take it off, I had to put it right back on in order to ease the overwhelming feeling of need that my body had for it.  I noticed the energy stronger during the second week. Focusing on work became an easy flow, my confidence was rising, as well as the ability to communicate easily and openly with others. On the third week of wearing my Tigers Eye necklace, I felt like it was time to take it off... and so I did. It was as if the gemstone was finished doing it's job, and I knew it was time to take it off. 

Tigers Eye

Heart pendant necklace 18"

How gems heal

HealingApril Bleck

Brief description of Natural Healing Gemstone properties. Healing for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments. 

Gemstones have natural energy that bonds with our natural energy. Their energy enhances ours. Gemstones support us in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. It is recommended that you start by wearing your gemstone for a couple of weeks. This will allow your body to become more sensitive and gently begin to absorb healing energy.