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Did You Know Your Body Has Memory?

HealingApril Bleck

It’s true! The body is capable of storing memory from injuries throughout the years. Once you’ve had an injury the body becomes prone to more injuries in that same area. This is called Body Memory (BM), and it has everything to do with the cellular memory as opposed to the memories we store in our brain. There is some skepticism about this, but my belief is firm. When one suffers from traumatic experiences the brain plays a huge role. At the time of an injury, perhaps the brain is overwhelmed or unaware of the cause. This separation of pain resonates in two chambers instead of one. Often times, this causes confusion later on. During a traumatic experience, the present moment can be lost and later return as a memory that tricks the brain into believing that the trauma it currently happening, this is called PTSD. This disorder resonates at different levels and I believe the body has it’s own entity. Either way, memories resurface and can cause mental/emotional/physical damage to reappear.

Sometimes the body has memories that the brain has suppressed. This may cause sudden injuries with no explanation such as waking up with an area of discomfort, reaching for something and pulling a tendon that had been previously torn, or even a slight twist that turns into major hip pain. Perhaps you forgot that you had injuries in these areas before and it makes no sense to be in such pain over a slight twist or pull. Say for example, if you suffered from a head injury as a child and one day as an adult you wake up with a large tender spot on your head. Now you suffer from migraines and feel impaired to go about your daily routine. Most likely, this “tender spot” is going to be in the same area as the previous injury. These injuries are NOT made up and they can be VERY PAINFUL. Sometimes the brain has requested not to resurface the memory but the body does, this can create suffering and confusion with no explanation.

Some gemstones such as BLACK OBSIDIAN, resurface memories on purpose. Why would you want to do that? Because, we are capable of uniting the physical memory with the mental memory. Uniting our pain brings us toward understanding the cause of suffering. If you never understood what happened at the time of an injury then the two types of pain become disrupted and separated. As an adult, the ability to understand an injury leads to acceptance and forgiveness. Once you are able to make the connection and have decided to accept the injury on a physical and mental level, the pain will be more significant and can be dealt with. This allows for forgiveness, which leads to “letting-go” of the suffering, which leads to pain relief. Once the connections have been made, recovery happens much quicker. An injury that feels like it might take weeks to recover from, could feel 90% better within 24 hours. This does not mean that your injuries are made up or “fake.” it means that you have accepted, understood, forgiven, and made the decision to let go. The key is letting go. The body recovers much quicker when the brain makes a connection between the physical and mental. The longer you hold on… the longer you suffer.

Gemstone healing initiates repair from the source of concern and may not be suitable for everyone. It takes a commitment toward inner healing and the route is painful and direct, however, the results are solid, long lasting, and efficient. Please be advised that most people should not attempt this type of “shadow work” alone. Energy healers such a Reiki practitioners, spiritual guides, councilors, and therapists can help. The healing process takes time and it’s important not to lose balance between mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.


Black Obsidian: Protection, Truth, Reflection, Self Healing, Shadow Work, Integration, Memory, Subconscious, Connections, Grounding, Resolution, Growth, Letting-Go, Acceptance, Understanding.