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Tripping On A Trip

LifeApril Bleck

Just as I started planning for my weekend trip out of town, my car starts having issues. One thing after another. First the tires needed to be replaced, then the brakes started grinding and those needed to be done, after that my brake lights went out. That would normally be an easy repair, but for some reason the bolt wouldn’t come loose on the driver side and I ended up completely stripping the screw that removes the light cover. Finally, after a couple of days of not being able to fix the light, I was able to lift and twist the cover just enough to replace the brake light without breaking anything. The very next day my brakes are beginning to slip, and I only have one day left before my departure. I have to drive to the airport which is 2 hours away and need the car to be in top condition before I go. Stress is setting in, but after adding brake fluid things will be just fine. I’m thinking... what is the lesson here? This trip was a tugging from the universe. Everything lined up so easily and I feel like this is an important life choice that I’m making. Suddenly, I became aware of my thought pattern and decided to change my perspective. Perhaps everything is lining up the way it’s suppose to. These issues I’m having with my car are not punishments, but more like preparations. These are blessings from the universe insuring that I do in fact, “have a safe trip.” I’m going to keep my faith in the fact that this trip is of spiritual importance and will initiate personal development and career growth. I’m staying on the positive side, keeping positive vibes, and looking forward to some new experiences. 

I am wearing: Crystal Quartz natural cut necklace with Chakra Bead bracelet. 

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