Natural Healing Gems

Gemstones that Help Me Transition and Surrender

LifeApril Bleck

As the season begins to change, I must remind myself to actively listen to my intuition. During these times I try to continue working at my current pace, I tend to mentally and physically push past my limitations. At any other time I would call this motivation, however, during transition periods this has proven to be an unsuccessful method for me. When the universe’s energy changes direction (such as the southern equinox which is taking place now), so must I. This feeling, these actions, all of my reactions… I refer to as “transition and surrender.” I must allow myself to slow down and ride the waves… I must pace myself. As the new energy begins to pick up pace, so shall I. Learning to adjust to the energy as is changes is not simple for me, but wearing gemstone jewelry helps me gracefully pull through.

There are certain gemstones that help to insure a smooth transition, these gems bring me guidance. They raise my energy to a level of understanding, patience, and adaptability. Opalite is a wonderful stone for this. It gives strength and persistence as it helps improve communication. Opalite brings a smooth transition and aids in overcoming fatigue. Lepidolite is another excellent stone for transitioning, this gemstone helps reduce stress and brings me into alignment with my purpose. Lepidolite helps me stay focused and encourages me to achieve my goals. One of my favorite stones, Labradorite, empowers me with faith, guidance and intuition.

Finding peace within provides the inner strength I need in order to surrender and transform. We must change our pace, we must know when to let go, and we must allow nature to take it’s course. Rose Quartz and Amethyst are the perfect gemstones to wear for self love, understanding, and peace of mind. Natural Healing Gems are my go to for spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing. I suggest that you give natural healing gems a try, the profoundly consistent benefits you’ll receive are well worth it.

Natural Healing Gems are simply beautiful! These earthly elements are generous gifts from the universe. Not only are they beautiful, but gems and crystals benefit us in physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Natural gemstones have an energetic vibration that brings us closer to physical wellbeing, mental awareness, and spiritual enlightenment. Whatever the cause or concern is, there is a gemstone that matches and improves the vibration. Read more…

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