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Discover universal secrets known to enhance mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. Natural healing takes time, an open mind, and an optimistic outlook. Build inner knowledge and enhance positive personality traits with Natural Healing Gems!

"I wish everyone had lot's of gemstones!" - April Bleck

Which Gemstones Should I Use? 

Follow your intuition when choosing gemstones. You will magnetically feel drawn to the right ones.

How Do Gemstones Work? 

Natural Healing Gems Gem-scriptions
  • Gemstones enhance and accelerate our natural ability to heal

  • Gemstones and crystals put us in alignment with the energy that the body is lacking. They provide balance to our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being 

  • Natural gemstones retain energy from the universe, just like we retain energy from the sun. They bond with our energy and stimulate natural healing on all levels.

  • Gemstones take time. This is not an easy fix or instant gratification. They delve into the depths of the cause of dis-ease, emotional discomfort, and physical ailments, to begin the healing process from the source.


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Ailments and concerns in ABC Order

Ailments and concerns in ABC Order

Physical Ailments A-H

Physical Ailments A-H

Physical Ailments I-Z

Physical Ailments I-Z


ABC Ailments

List of mental, emotional, and spiritual issues

Physical Ailments A-H

List of physical conditions A-H

Physical Ailments I-Z

List of physical conditions I-Z

Gemstone Healing Properties

Gemstone meanings and metaphysical healing


Gemstones for Zodiac signs

Chakra Healing

How can I

cleanse and heal my chakras?


Personal experiences with gemstones

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